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Tagged by: :iconebbaozolins:

1. Full name: Henry Gustav Fucking Benskiöld
2. Nickname: Lång jävel
3. Zodiac Sign: Aries
4. Male or female:  Pen0r
5. Elementary: Burned to the ground
6. High School: Suregymnasiet
7. College: none
8. Hair color: brown
9. Tall or short: tall (apperently)
10. Sandals or Sneakers: BOTH :iconderpplz:
11. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans
12. Phone or Camera: Phone
13. Health freak: Nope
14. Orange or Apple: :iconlolwutbanana:
15. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: :iconforeveraloneplz:
16. Eat or Drink: You survive longer by drinking than eating, but nothing can beat a fucking steak! :iconlovesteakeplz:
17. Eye color: Idk actually.... >.>
18. Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi! (haters gonna hate)

19. Been in an airplane: Yes
20. Been in a relationship: Yes
21. Been in a car accident: Nope
22. Been in a fist fight: Yes

23. First piercing: I don't have a piercing.
24. First real boyfriend/girlfriend: Felicia
25. First award: I won a story contest at my scool once. :D
26. First kiss: Can't remeber.
27. First word: NO IDEA!
28. Last book you read: Holes
29. Last person you talked to in person: :iconebbaozolins:
30. Last person you texted: My mom.
31. Last person you watched a movie with: My class.
32. Last food you ate: ice cream.
33. Last movie you watched: Don't remember the name.
34. Last song you listened to: The Police - Walking on the moon
35. Last thing you bought: NX cash to Maplestory
36. Last person you hugged: :iconemixnaru:

37. Food: Goat cheese lasanga with Ox meat! :icondroolplz:
38. Drink: Chai tea
39. Bottom: Baggy jeans :heart:
40. Top: My 20% cooler shirt
41. Animal: Fox
42. Colour: Green and Black
43. Movie: How to train your Dragon! :icontoothlesslick2plz:
44. Favourite subjects: idk

HAVE YOU EVER: (Put an X(:batman:) in the brackets if yes)
45. [:batman:] Gotten Baptised.
46. [:batman:] Celebrated Halloween.
47. [ ] Had your heart broken...
48. [:batman:] Went over the old texts on your cell phone.
49. [:batman:] Had someone question your sexual orientation.
50. [ ] Hacked someone's
51. [ ] Got pregnant.
52. [ ] Had an abortion.
53. [:batman:] Did something you regret.
54. [:batman:] Broke a promise.
55. [:batman:] Hid a Secret.
56. [:batman:] Pretended to be happy.
57. [ ] Met someone who changed your life.
58. [:batman:] Pretended to be sick.
59. [:batman:] Left the country.
60. [:batman:] Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it. (MLP FTW)
61. [:batman:] Cried over the silliest thing.
62. [  ] Ran a mile.
63. [:batman:] Went to the beach with your best friend.
64. [:batman:] Got into an argument with your friends.
65. [:batman:] Dated someone.

66. Thinking about: nawty tings :iconhurrhurrplz:
67. Eating: AIR.
68. Drinking: AIR
69. Listening to: The Police - Don't stand so close to me
70. Sitting/Laying: sitting
71. Plans for today: Eat, watch the interwebs.
72. Waiting for: mom to come home.
74. Want to get married: Nope, at least not yet!
75. Career: Hungry and bored.

WHICH ONE In a significant other:
76. Lips or Eyes: eyes
77. Shorter or taller: Taller
78. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
79. Tough or Sweet: Sweet
80. Texts you or Calls you: Text
81. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
82. Looks or personality: Personality

83. Lost glasses/contact: Nope
84. Sneak out of a house: Yes
85. Held a gun/knife for self defense: Nope
86. Killed somebody: WHAT?! NO!! ò.ó
87. Broken someone's heart: Sadly, Yes.
88. Smoked: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!
89. Cried when someone/something died: Yup... ;(

90. Yourself: Nope
91. Miracles: Maby
92. Love at first sight: Nah
93. Heaven: mabye
94. Dreams coming true: Depends
95. Respecting your elders: Ofcorse
96. Kiss on the first date: Maybe. Depends on the amount of love in the relationship.

97. Is there anyone you want to be with right now: Don't think so. :/
98. Do you know who your real friends are: Yes, i think :iconsuspiciousplz:
99. Do you believe in God: Depends

Rules : Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 99 Truths about you.At the end, choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.Tagged means "I'm interested in knowing what are your 99 truths".(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, copy and paste this note, erase my answers and enter your own

I TAG: :iconkhan-the-cake-lover: and :iconfalkmer-the-kind:
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Deamon Thief by Darren Shan
  • Watching: comp. screen...
  • Playing: voltaire - The beast of pirates bay
  • Eating: chicken
  • Drinking: coke



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